Partners in Habitat Development

The Partners in Habitat Development program (PHD), co-founded by Pheasants Forever Calgary Chapter and the Eastern Irrigation District, was designed to be a partnership based initiative working to maintain, enhance and create wildlife habitat in cooperation with private landowners located throughout the Irrigation Districts of Southern Alberta. Although the PHD program began in 1998 working within one irrigation district, its growth and continued success over the years has seen an expansion of its operations into five more irrigation districts, which includes the Bow River Irrigation District.

The PHD program, which operates through funding, in-kind resources and technical support, aims to re-establish lost habitat that has been affected by years of modern industry, increased agricultural productivity, irrigation canal refurbishment, oil and gas activity, livestock grazing and urbanization.

The PHD program is unique as it has grown to become a cooperative venture consisting of a diverse cross section of industry and government, as well as both corporate and private sector partners. The greatest partnership of the program is found with the 350 private landowners who have voluntarily set aside acres of land for habitat development, as well as water and soil conservation. As a result, the PHD program has found that landowner participation is key to its long term success.

Guided by the expertise of the PHD Wildlife Habitat Technicians, projects are flexible and tailored to the needs of the individual landowners and their farming operations. With that in mind, projects are typically designed to be mutually beneficial to both the landowner and wildlife a like. This is accomplished by providing essential habitat components in order to increase and sustain southern Alberta's wildlife populations as well as providing wind breaks, reducing soil erosion and increasing area aesthetics.

After 10 years of operations, the PHD programs accomplishments include;

If you would like any more information about the program or are interested in becoming involved with the PHD, please contact:

Rick Martin
Phone: (403) 362-1414