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Reservoir Storage

Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resources maintains a webpage that shows Reservoir Storage within the BRID.

Bow River Inflows & Outflows

The Bow River Irrigation District has a simple chart that shows the inflows and outflows of the Bow River. It is in .pdf format. Bow River Water Balance


Whether you are an irrigation water user, water manager or affiliated in some other way with irrigated crop production, the IMCIN Web Page will keep you up to date with current data, heat units and provide crop water use information and a forecast for crop water requirements (IRRI-Cast) throughout the major irrigated areas of southern Alberta. Please click the above logo to view this web page.


The Alberta Irrigation Management Model (AIMM) is a decision support tool software package that assists irrigation producers with their irrigation scheduling decisions. The AIMM software runs as a Windows based program and has a agronomic record keeping component incorporated into the program as well. Please click the above logo to view this web page.

Southern Alberta Irrigation Districts

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Developement has links to other Southern Alberta irrigation districts.