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The Bow River Irrigation District (BRID) headquarters are located at 704 - 7 Ave. N., Vauxhall, Alberta (approximately 2½ hrs. south east of Calgary, Alberta).
The BRID is administered by an elected Board of Directors and their staff.

Office Hours

8:00am - 12:00pm & 1:00pm - 4:30pm Monday through Friday
Phone: 403-654-2111
Fax: 403-654-4197

Public Notice

There will be a Public Meeting and Plebicite concerning Water License Transfer. Please see the June 2016 Newsletter for details. A link is provided in the left column.

Public Notice

Please refer to the 2016 Weed Control Program page for scheduled dates for herbicide and Magnacide applications.

Public Notice

Please refer to the Public Notice link for details on the following:

*Notice Of New Parcels being added to the District.

*Applications to add irrigation acres.

*Irrigation acres for sale/rent.

Invasive Mussels

Aquatic Invasive Species (including Quagga and Zebra Mussels) pose a very real threat to Alberta's waterways and irrigation canals, pipelines and reservoirs!
To learn what you can do to prevent these invasive species, click on the photos.


Growing Forward 2

Under the joint federal and provincial "Irrigation Efficiency" program irrigators that upgrade their irrigation systems may be eligible for up to $5000 in grant money. For details, click: Irrigation Efficiency Grant

The Bow River Water Management Videos

The Bow River Irrigation District is pleased to announce the availability of professional videos concerning the use and management of water resourpces on the Bow River. This ten episode set of videos illustrates the vitality and importance of the Bow River to life in Southern Alberta.
Click this link to go to the online streaming video page.

Other Links

The Alberta Irrigation Projects Association has created a new website. Check it out by clicking the logo.