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Regular Board Meeting
–Wednesday, June 26, 2024 – 9:00 am
Water User logins to IRMA water logging app

If you are a water user interested in being able to log into IRMA to see your water use, please click the button below for details.

2024 Water Season

The current irrigation limit is 16 inches. You are reminded that water orders require 24 advanced notice.

Spring 2024 Newsletter

Spring 2024 Newsletter is now available. Please follow the button below to the Newsletter web page.

Annual Report

The Annual Report for the 2023 year is now available. Please follow the button below to the Annual Reports web page.

Annual Report
2024 Weed Control Program

With the new growing season comes the annual battle against weeds. Click the button below for details on our weed control program.

Weed Control
January 26, 2024 - Water Allocation Update

Important information regarding water allocation for the 2024 irrigation season. Please click the button for the .pdf document.

2024 Water Allocation
January 26, 2024 - Alternate Parcel Agreements

An addition to the Alternate Parcel Agreement policy has been passed. Please follow the button below for a .pdf document with details.

Alternate Parcel Agreement
Fall 2023 Newsletter

Fall 2023 Newsletter is now available. Please follow the button below to the Newsletter web page.

Irrigation Acres

Application to add;
Notice of addition;
Acres for sale/rent.

Updated: April 17, 2024
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Photos from History

The Bow River Irrigation District has collections of photos from our past. They are in .pdf format. If you are interested, please contact our office and they will be made available to you.

Upcoming Infrastructure Projects

For information on Infrastructure Projects within the Bow River Irrigation District, click on these buttons.

Irrigation Rehabilitation Program

Canada Infrastructure Bank / Government of Alberta Projects
Invasive Species

Aquatic Invasive Species (including Quagga and Zebra Mussels) pose a very real threat to Alberta's waterways and irrigation canals, pipelines and reservoirs!

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Thanks to Irrigation

A web site created by the Alberta Irrigation Districts Association to highlight the importance and benefits of irrigation in Alberta.

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The Story of Water Management on the Bow River

Through the vision, funding and support of the Bow River Irrigation District, Eastern Irrigation District and Western Irrigations District, we are excited to showcase this initial series of ten HD-quality, professional videos on The Story of Water Management on the Bow River.

Water is the lifeblood of southern Alberta and the Bow River is critical to the health of the Region. This educational series of vignettes, shot in spectacular High Definition, takes the viewer on a journey of Water Stewardship of the Bow River and how that stewardship affects life in the Bow Basin. Designed for both students and general audiences, the series looks at the importance of irrigation to life in Southern Alberta.